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Castle for sale in Greece.

Castle for sale in Greece. SKU :#GrM-125
Price : € 4500000,-
Location : Greece :: Peloponnese
Category : Business

Castle for sale in Greece. A Historic castle for sale, dating back to the 18th century of 24.193,18m², which also has a perimeter wall of 364m and of 10m height. The fortification wall had all along a perimeter path-walk, ramparts and two gates combined with five towers. Today two of the towers are preserved.Castles and other historic houses always present a fantastic opportunity for investment and retain their value. How many people can say that they actually own such a unique historical building? This castle can make turn a fairy tale into reality!

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After all, there are only a limited number of such properties that have ever been built and of those, each one is so unique. One of these is this castle as well.

On the top of the hill and within a fortified enclosed surface of 910m² the outer shell of a war-defense tower, perfect example of the typical architecture of the area, is preserved.

The tower is 16.50m², of a total surface of 33.40m², distributed among three levels.

Among the existing building, within the walls of the Castle, is a half preserved residence of a total surface of 74.42m². The house is surrounded by a yard including an additional wood fired oven and a cistern. In a small distance from the perimeter wall one can also find two churches of the 15th and 18th century.

Another point of interest is the remains of a circular construction at the north or central fort. Nowadays is believed that the building was used as a windmill, besides the existence of narrow openings, associated to rifle doors.

Due to the constructive resemblance to one of the churches, the construction dates back to the late part of the 18th century.According to the existing construction and the urban planning regulation, it is also buildable, and not in conflict by any means with the forest legislation.

In the case of touristic use, the construction rules for the plots are 10% coverage of the total surface and 0.2 building ratio. Consequently, the allowed surface of the plot to be covered amounts to 2.419,32m² and the total allowed building surface to 4.838,67m²

The property has always been ownership of the legitimate heirs of the first legitimate landlord, who retains ownerships to this day.The legal proofs and documentation of the sequence of the inheritances, date back to the era of the Beys.

With property such as this you are buying so much more than a home, of course – with your castle for sale comes a whole new lifestyle. Castles for sale attract buyers with a romantic imagination. Imagine gazing down from a tower-topped turret room, surveying your grounds, which reach as far as the eye can see.

You will feel like a monarch; in fact you will be king of your very own castle!

Accompanying such mystical fairy tale-like castles for sale are often hectares of land, often complete with beautiful gardens, woods and lakes. There may be some guest houses and useful outbuildings within your estate.

Of course, owning your own castle can bring many further exciting opportunities too. You may be searching for that perfect castle for sale, which you could convert into a hotel or guest house or use as a sumptuous wedding location.

Outbuildings could be converted and rented out. There are endless possibilities. Such buildings will always attract tourists and some may even come complete with timber or wine production facilities.

Castles for sale provide that perfect business investment that you have always been looking for!


A Journey to Messinian land

Messinia will take your breath away. This land filled with contrasts and welcoming inhabitants is only two hours drive away from Athens. See its vast olive groves, green valleys, mountains, gorges and coves. Numerous small or long sandy beaches, with calm waters or huge waves that will satisfy families or aspiring surfers.

Small mountainous cliff-hanging villages with breathtaking views will blow your mind away. Make a point in tasting the large variety of traditional dishes in the nearby tavernas. Messinia invites you to discover all she has to offer and explore her beauties.

On your way to Kalamata

Kalamata, the capital of Messinian land, is a lively city holding a strong cultural and historic past. Urban reconstruction has improved the city centre, where cultural events take place and are considered of great importance, such as the Kalamata International Dance Festival which is particularly popular.

The town is filled with plenty of different entertainment options; mezedopolia (small tavernas serving traditional tid-bits (meze)), cafes and clubs will assure your amusement. Wander through the old town’s narrow alleys, take a stroll to the main square leading to a park, the harbour and the beach.

The revival of the Ancient Theatre

Towards the south part of Messinia visit Ancient Messene and the Ancient Theatre, which has been largely restored. The area is expected to host major events and become a pole of attraction.

Pylos’ Castles

While you tour Messinia don’t miss Pylos, Nestor's Palace, Methoni and Koroni. Choose your base and discover the surrounding region. The main square of Pylos town will make it hard for you to leave your seat as it is filled with cafes under a nice shadow created by the old plane trees. Stone built houses, unique architectural tradition, picturesque little shops and mesmerising castles will fill your travel itinerary with dreamlike stops.

Each impressive big castle has its own story to tell. They all used to protect against pirate invasions. Methoni’s castle is built on rocks that extend from land into the sea and is especially nice during sunset.

Price (Euros) 4500000
Build area (m²)
Land area (m²) 24.193,18
Storage yes
On Hill yes
Trees yes
Electricity yes
Water yes
Town Distance, km 238 (Athens), 22 (Kalamata), 15(kardamyli)
Monthly rent (Euros) 4.838,67

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Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.
Castle for sale in Greece.


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