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Apartment for sale in Chania

Apartment for sale in Chania SKU :#04-1141
Price : € 60000,-
Location : Greece :: Crete :: Chania :: Municipality of Chania
Category : 1 Bedroom Apartment

Apartment for sale in Chania. Only 40meters from the beach of Koum Kapi, this 55 corner apartment, right where the heart of the city beats, in a well-established area that is provided with a short distance from all the amenities of the center, as well as only moments away from the blue sea and the beauty of the Venetian Port and the Old Town of Chania.

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A ground floor apartment ready to accept all your taste and character which will turn it into someone’ s personal space, or a place to rent out as accommodation to students, or even a holiday rental.

It was built in 1986,but has certainly been kept in a very good condition, and it only needs a slight renovation to refresh it and make it ready to live in.

Let us note though the lovely sea views, in walking distance from the apartment, along with the Market in the center of Chania, not more than a 10 minute walk away, but most importantly the Old Town and the Venetian Port with all its glory and romance spread out, and also its variety of nightlife.

Koum Kapi or "Door of Sand", is the eastern part of the city of Chania, just outside the walls of the historic center. Inhabited in the past by African slaves, today Koum Kapi is a charming neighborhood full of bars and restaurants, ideal for couples and families. Its history, promenade along the sea and the beautiful view that you can admire, make this place unique. Koum Kapi is a special place!


The Koum Kapi beach is the beach of the seaside settlement located outside the eastern walls of the old town of Chania. It is one of the most tourist areas and attracts thousands of visitors who mainly visit it to walk, eat and drink. The sandy beach Koum Kapi of approximately one kilometer long is to the east of the main pedestrian street of the port.

Koum Kapi beach was formerly the most popular beach for swimming. However, due to the contamination of the sea, some years ago, swimming here was banned.

In recent years, after the construction of a biological cleaning station, Koum Kapi beach has been cleared and according to the Municipal Enterprise for Water and Sewage of Chania, the water is now suitable for swimming.
It is preferred by numerous locals who swim there, usually early in the morning.

The harbour comes into its own at night, when the lights from bars and restaurants reflect in the water and the animated crowds - locals as much as tourists - parade in a ritualistic volta of apparently perpetual motion.
There are stalls set up on the waterside, and buskers serenading the passers-by.

Walk straight on from Platia Sindrivani, and you chance upon the curious, domed profile of the Mosque of the Janissaries. Built in 1645, the year Hania fell to the Turks and thus the oldest Ottoman building on the island, it has been well restored - apart from the jarring concrete dome - and was used to house the EOT office until further repairs meant they had to move to less-convenient Kriari street.

The buildings on the height above the mosque occupy the site of Kastelli. the oldest part of me city. Favoured from earliest times for its defensive qualities, this little hill takes its name from a fortress which originally dated from the Byzantine era.Later it was the centre of me Venetian and of the Turkish towns, but very little survived a heavy bombardment during World War II.

Walking up Kanevaro street from the harbour square you'll pass various remains, including - at the corner of Lithinon - the fenced-off site where a Minoan house is being excavated.

Further up Lithinon, towards the top of the rise, are various Venetian doorways and inscriptions and, at the end of the street, a fine old arch-way. On me next corner, with Kandanoleon, is a larger area of excavation identified simply as "Minoan Kydonia". Neither of these digs is open to the public, though you can see a fair amount through me fence.

Swedish archeologists excavating here have traced (he outline of a building engulfed by a violent fire about 1450BC, similar to mat which destroyed Knossos. It was later rebuilt and given its proximity to the mainland, may wen have been me focus of Mycenaean power on the island. Among pottery finds here were some dating back to the Neolithic era, but the greatest prize uncovered was an archive of clay tablets bearing Minoan Linear A script , the first to be found so far west in Crete.

Back at the bottom of the hill me waterfront curis round to the right along Akti Tombazi, into the inner harbour, where pleasure boats, private yachts and small fishing vessels are moored. Much ot it, including file sixteenth-century.Venetian arsenals and various traces of the ancient defensive bastions, has recently been refurbished, and in the evenings this is now a fashionable part of town.

Price (Euros) 60000
Build area (m²) 55
Sea View yes
Electricity yes
Water yes
Distance to airport, km 15
Distance to beach, km 40 meters
Town Distance, km 0,5
Internet Connection possible

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Apartment for sale in Chania
Apartment for sale in Chania
Apartment for sale in Chania
Apartment for sale in Chania
Apartment for sale in Chania
Apartment for sale in Chania


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